Cured of a Debilitating Skin Condition

I had severe itching on my skin which eventually became big red patches on my chest and back. My body began shedding big pieces of skin and it became so bad that about eighty per cent of my back was without skin and it was constantly bleeding. I had to change my vest at least three times a day. For almost six months I had to sleep on my side on the sofa to ease my pain. The terrible pain, bleeding and sleeplessness, all made me feel like ending my life.

It was at that time, at the suggestion of one of my neighbours, that I attended a second Saturday Convention led by Fr Soji Olikkal and his team. At the retreat Fr Soji announced that three people with skin problems had been healed. I did not know then that I was one of them. That night, after the retreat I slept in my bed for the first time in six months. The next morning, when my wife came to apply my steroid cream as usual she was astonished to see that my skin had healed and covered all over my back, only some fade markings remained. Jesus had completely healed all my wounds.

By sharing my testimony I believe that thousands like me will be able to experience the wonderful love of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Albert Jerome Preston



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