Ear condition healed

Our daughter Annley, who is 12, had a long-term condition called “Glue Ear” since early childhood. Although her right ear had been cured with treatment, her left ear had got worse and over time a hole developed. This affected her hearing and increased the possibility of her having an infection in this ear and also in her brain. The doctors recommended an operation as soon as possible. As a family, we earnestly prayed to the Lord to heal her.

During the Holy Spirit Evening in Birmingham in July 2015, Fr Xavier Khan laid hands on her ears and prayed for her healing. Lord Jesus touched our daughter and she was instantly and totally healed. The next week, the doctors examined her thoroughly. There was no hole at all in her left ear and amazingly new skin had developed, where the hole had been previously. Tests also confirmed her hearing level was normal. Thank you Jesus for this instant miracle and for increasing our faith.

-- Sibu and Soly Thomas, Kings Heath Birmingham


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