My was transformed after SOE

Praise the Lord !

Hi my name is Jerrin and I am here to be a witness to Jesus. How my past life was different to who I am now, from my search for happiness to eternal happiness. So here goes...

After leaving college I had taken a gap year before university as I wanted to work and make money. I was also in search for happiness. I thought that money was the key to happiness and so I set off to make money. I started working at 2 places at the same time, and my life got so busy that I never had any time for myself, in fact I never gave time to myself and I had many sleepless nights. I had started earning money and pretended to be happy but deep down I felt an emptiness. As my life got busy with work, I forgot such a thing as church and family existed...

From there my life took a turn, a path not to joy or happiness but to my own destruction. I started becoming angry due to stress at work, I started arguments’ at home, and became restless. I also stopped eating home cooked food, I stopped spending time with my family and my mom was in very upset. I thought that it was because of my work, so I changed my job and became a floor manager in a restaurant. I thought power over others would bring joy to me. At first I felt good commanding others and telling them what to do. But after a few days passed I started feeling the same emptiness in me and I tried to ignore it. I came across some “porch” friends and started drinking to fill the empty space within me. I started partying hard and was late home every day, .but my mom never went to bed before I got in. There she was by the door waiting for me no matter how late I was. My life carried on this way, days became weeks, and weeks became months... My beloved Mom never told me anything she just sat, cried and prayed every day because she believed, she had faith in the one called God, in the one called Jesus. She believed that there is someone always listening to your prayers and watching over you.

After a few months my mom had heard of a 5 day retreat called “School of Evanglisation” (SOE) for young people. From that day my mom started pushing me saying “Son I have booked a place for you there will you go? I will pay you however much money you want but just go to this retreat.” She pestered me for 3 months and annoyed me so much that I finally agreed to go...

Maybe I went there for the wrong reasons, I went hoping to make new friends, maybe new girl friends. When I reached the door of the so called “School of Evangelisation” I didn’t know what to expect. I was not even too bothered. The second day of the retreat was a day of Confession and Spiritual Sharing and this was the turning point of my life! I went for spiritual sharing, and the guy who I shared with knew everything about me before I had even said anything. He told me everything about my past life, my history, my search for happiness etc. I was shocked and I went blank at what I heard, I stopped thinking, I was so eager to listen to him. He said “The Lord knows everything before you even ask him, he knew you before you were even born”. He told me “Your past is past you can be a better person than you were in your past life.” Those words struck me like a lightning bolt. Then I started feeling a burden of guilt within me so I walked to the confession room. I swear that it was a very long walk, every step I took I could see my past life, my sorrowful mom, my arguments and my temper. I knelt in front of Father and told him everything, every sin, each and everything from drinking to watching porn, the whole A-Z. I didn’t have anything to hide for it is written in Act 1: 24 “Thou, Lord, which knowest the hearts of all men” I just had to call out his name and repent. Acts 2:21 “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved”...

After Confession for some reason I started fearing God. I went to the Chapel to pray but I didn’t know what to pray. In fact I didn’t know how to pray. I just sat there in front of the cross and asked, “Should I be still afraid even though I have confessed everything” That’s when the Lord spoke to me! He said, an inner voice literally told me “Do not worry child this is just the beginning, there is a long way of life left ahead of you filled with temptations, I will give you my strength to face them”. I leapt for joy and started dancing; never before in my life had I felt so happy! I wished those five days of SOE could never have ended!

After those 5 days I didn’t want to go back home, afraid that I might go back to my previous lifestyle. I made sure it was a long journey to get back home, thinking along all the way “what’s my next step from here?” I got home, went to my room, faced the mirror and challenged myself looking at the mirror “From now on I know I will be a better person than my past life”. My life has changed it has flipped the other way around. I had caught a wrong train in the past, now I was on the right platform waiting for the right train.

I left all my paid jobs and started doing charity work. I started going to church and spending more time with my family. I have now come to realise that they are actually amazing people. My mom’s prayers were answered. She still cries and prays for me because she loves me so much and so yea I am Jerrin and that’s my encounter with Jesus and I have started practicing the Christian way of life and glorifying the Lord everywhere I go.



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